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Who am I?

My name is Klara Dlabolova, I was born in the sign of Virgo and come from the east of Bohemia.

After my studies at the secondary medical school I have worked for a long time as a dental and dialysis nurse, both in state and private healthcare companies. In 2004–2005 I went as au-pair to the Great Britain (Crowborough), to look after an autistic boy and in 2006–2007 I worked in the Northern Ireland (Belfast) as a dental nurse.

In the period of 2009–2011 I completed the on-the-job studies (PSS ARIP) with the certification (nurse specialization in cardiology, elimination methods of blood and anaesthesia).

I have pursued pedicure and ingrown nail issues since 2013, following the completion of the courses “Instrumental pedicure” and “Nail bracing” in the Foot & Body Care Centre in Prague. In 2014 I completed a certified course for nurse in podiatry in Prague´s IKE+M. I try to keep on improving my both theoretical and practical knowledge and pass it on to others as a lecturer, during the pedicure retraining courses.

Most of my spare time I spend with my two little children, Vitek and Veronika.

I am interested in foreign languages (actively English and Norwegian), I like to read any good book or go on a trip (no matter if walking or on a scooter) within the Czech republic. It is not necessary to describe my love for a glass of good wine :)