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Together with my colleagues from the Foot & Body Care Centre we offer following procedures:

Instrumental pedicure

We talk about “dry” pedicure, i.e. treatment of the nails and skin on foot with the aid of the pedicure instrument.

The main advantages, compared to the so called “Shanghai” wet pedicure, are:

Instrumental pedicure allows us to treat hyperkeratosis (horny skin), callus, corn and helps with the ingrown nail issues.

At the end of the pedicure procedure a special oil is applied on the client´s nails and a special foam (f. e. Allpresan) is spread on the client´s feet.

We closely cooperate with dermatologist and commonly treat risk-clients, i.e. people with diabetes, cardiac and pregnant women. Children are also welcome and usually have no fear or problems with the treatment.


Relaxing massage, usually following the instrumental pedicure, lasting approximately 15–20 minutes.

STRIPLAC® by Alessandro, Germany

Striplac is so called "peeling" nail polish, which can be easily removed, even without use of acetone remover. The application is nearly the same compared to standard nail polish, only at the end UV or LED lamp is applied to harden the nail surface.

After a period, or if bored with colour, just peel the polish layer off, leaving the nail with no damage, but stronger.

The main advantages are: